Danielle Saler

Co-Owner, Photographer, & Retoucher

I love to joke and make people laugh. Unfortunately, my dreams of becoming a comic were diminished when I realized I couldn’t make any money and I was too scared to stand in front of that many people. So I chose to be a freelance photographer, another starving artist profession that forces you to be in front of a ton of people. I can’t win!

So I studied commercial photography at The Art Institute of Colorado where my concentration was in food and editorial photography. That’s also where I met my husband, Justin, who is a product photographer. He is my everything, including my retoucher and assistant when the office is busy. As am I for him. We work together on most projects, pushing each other to produce the best work we can. We raise the bar on each other quite often.

Although I cannot cook, I can eat. That’s one of the many skills I have obtained that makes me a great food photographer. I can appreciate each dish for what it is and highlight it’s best traits. I’m not just a food photographer. I like to think of myself as a generalist. But, I mean– let’s face it, who wouldn’t love being in a restaurant for a couple of hours photographing delicious food?

That being said, I know of a great place for crepes and brunch or lunch down South Broadway. Let’s meet up for a creative chat!


My handwriting is that of a chicken scratching doctor. And I love my puppies dearly… Two German Shorthair Pointers equate to one toddler, incase you were wondering.

Justin Stapp

Creative Director, Photographer & Retoucher

I have always found it easy to feel comfortable with basically anyone, and I usually can make most people comfortable with me.  The military veteran who also used to perform as an Equity member in musical theater and ended up graduating with a BA in Commercial Photography, I have done a lot and I have learned to work with people from both ends of the spectrum. Anytime you want to trade stories, I love hearing amazing tales of adventure!

I work hard, but I love life and I play even harder.  I love to hang out with Danielle and our kiddos!  I can never wait to get outside– fly fishing, rock climbing, camping…the beauty of nature is something I find inspirational in every day.  I guess it makes calling Colorado home pretty easy!

Let’s grab a beer and a fishing pole and discuss your next project!

Lady Madison

Director of Security

Ladybug is our head of security here at our home office. She loves to hike and camp. Her favorite foods are puréed pumpkin and chicken! She is the mama bear of the bunch and makes it known! Lady coordinates break times, she makes sure one is never missed.

Obi Juan Kenobi

Assistant to Security Director

Obi Boo Boo loves to run. He could run for days! He only turns left, never right. He has his reasons. His favorite foods are pomegranate and duck, he has expensive taste. Obi enjoys cuddle time with Lucy and Lady! Obi loves to help edit by sitting in our laps. We had to purchase a larger office chair upon his request.

Lucy Toulouse

IT & Security Cadet

Lucy was rescued from the streets this past October. Justin found her in the parking lot where one of our clients were located. Her eyes were full of gunk and she was blind running into the building trying to find her mother and siblings. Justin swooped her up and rushed her to the Vet. With medicine, time and love, Lucy went from weighing a 1/2 pound to a super healthy and frisky kitty! Although she is partially blind in one eye, she still helps lady with security. Her specialty is spider removal! She loves her kitty pâté and cuddling with her big brother and sister!